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INDUSTRIAL SCAFFOLDING from Lancaster to blackpool & surrounding areas

INDUSTRIAL SCAFFOLDING: Lancaster to Blackpool & surrounding areas

Do you need a scaffold setting up in Lancaster, Blackpool, Preston, Manchester, Kendal  or the surrounding areas?

Scale, environment, and accessibility are among issues that industrial scaffold projects face. We have worked on several industrial scaffold projects at factories, plants, and industrial units.

We collaborate with general contractors in constructing new industrial facilities in any sector. From modest maintenance jobs to substantial construction projects, we can handle them all.

We have offered industrial scaffolding systems for various industrial sites for many years, providing bespoke access solutions while assuring maximum safety for your employees and the general public.

We follow SG4:15 on preventing falls equipment because health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. For all projects, we provide procedure statements and risk evaluations.

Why Hire INDUSTRIAL Mammoth Scaffolding Services?

Offering 24/7 Services
Because most industrial processes operate continuously, we provide our industrial customers with a 24-hour call-out service.

Quick Response Time
In an industrial context, time is money, and downtime must be kept to a minimum when it comes to maintenance. We take pleasure in our quick response times, which allow us to complete necessary maintenance and repair work on time.

Effective, Efficient & Safe. 
We have been trained and approved to work in hazardous and controlled situations, such as those found in manufacturing facilities.

Mammoth can work swiftly and effectively ensuring your value for money when dealing with us.

Safety First

Mammoth Scaffolding has a low Experience Modification Rating (EMR) and is dedicated to functioning securely in all contexts. Our experts in insulation, scaffolding, coatings and other related services are well-trained, competent, and experienced. Regardless of the job task, we tackle each job with a “safety first” mindset, employing industry-standard best practices. Our full-time safety manager and top-tier retained safety consultant ensure the highest safety management standards, monitoring, compliance, and employee training. As a result, we can keep our industry-leading safety record.

Some OF Our Projects